Crowns and Bridges Implants in Shillong

Crowns and bridges are two of the most common types of implants available in dentistry today. They are frequently used to help restore people’s smiles, and at the Heal and Smile offices,  you get the dental crowns or bridges you need to give you a smile that you are confident about once again.

What Are Crowns and Bridges?

Dental Bridges: If permanent dental implants are not in your future (they are often more expensive, and some insurance companies will cover them while some will not – or many people do not have insurance), then a viable (cheaper) alternative would be a dental bridge. Dental Bridges use your healthy teeth as anchors for porcelain that will support your prosthetic teeth. By using good teeth as an anchor, they ensure that your bridge has a longer lifespan and can sometimes replace more than one missing tooth at a time.

Crowns:  A crown goes over a single tooth that has a root canal performed on it to keep the tooth covered and protected in the future. The crown helps to restore the tooth to its previous state of health. While someone can have many individual crowns, each crown only covers one individual tooth and not multiple teeth.

A dental crown or bridge is the most common alternatives to permanent dental implants. You might need a dental bridge if you are missing one or more teeth in a row but have healthy teeth on either side of the missing teeth. The existing teeth can hold the dental bridge, which replaces the teeth that are missing.

A dental crown is the “cap” that they put on a tooth after you have a root canal performed. You will generally get a temporary crown placed on the tooth before going back a couple of weeks to get the permanent crown put on. The permanent crown will be able to last decades and is custom-made just to fit your teeth. It saves the tooth from having to be extracted.

When you are getting a crown put in you will get an anesthetic, so you don’t experience any discomfort or pain during your procedure. Your dentist will remove damaged pulp from the tooth before cleaning out the cavity, which provides a clean, healthy surface for the crown to get put on the tooth. Dental impressions will get taken of your teeth before you get a temporary crown attached to the tooth.

 In a few weeks, you will have a follow-up appointment once the permanent crown gets made. Your dentist will use a special dental cement that will permanently hold the cap to your tooth securely. Once the crown gets bonded to the tooth, he will ensure that it matches the function and appearance of your teeth.

When you are getting a dental bridge put in, your dentist will provide you with a local anesthetic to help you avoid any pain or discomfort that you would otherwise experience. Any necessary root canals or root canals or extractions will get performed. Then, your dentist will take impressions of the necessary areas to create a bridge that fits into your mouth appropriately. While the bridge gets made, the dentist will give you a temporary bridge to wear until the permanent one is ready.

 In a few weeks, you will have a follow-up appointment where you will come back in for your permanent bridge. The dentist will perform any necessary modifications to the bridge before you leave to ensure that you have a perfect fit.

You will need to care for your dental bridge/crown by ensuring that you clean your device daily. Using a toothbrush with a small amount of toothpaste on it is one way to clean your dental bridge/crown. Flossing between the teeth on your bridge is also key to help remove any food particles that might be stuck between the teeth. You should care for dental bridges/crowns just like any of your other permanent teeth.

 If you are taking your dental bridges out, be sure to store the device in the container your dentist gave you to protect it while it’s not in use. Otherwise, your device will get much more easily chipped or cracked if it’s just left lying around to be damaged.
When given proper care, dental bridges/crowns can easily last 10 to 15 years.


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Both dental crowns and bridges have helped many patients restore their confidence in themselves and their smile. As technology continues to advance, both dental bridges/crowns have come to look like your permanent teeth. Technology continues to improve, and more and more people have enjoyed having their smiles fully restored.

At Heal and Smile Multispecialty Clinic, we are here to help you meet all of your dental needs. Please feel free to contact us to set up an appointment for a free consultation today.



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